Coaching for medical PG exams.

Take pride on the next step that initiates right here! Learn from our excellent experts who are well versed in test content and strategies.
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About Us

Welcome to MENDEL Academy

Simplifying the most difficult and complex medical topics by implementing skills to make the process of learning with fun and delight.

MENDEL Academy is at the forefront of Medical Education since several years and has been mentoring thousands of students with the sole purpose of creating a superior medical workforce that can tackle the most difficult cases with full confidence and expertise throughout the world.

Our unique mentoring strategies and innovative ways of teaching stand out and empower students to master all the difficult subjects with consummate ease!

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Dr. Nandkishore Managoli, MD

Founder and CEO

Take Your Medical Prep to Next Level!

Guiding students at every step and implementing informed course correction measures on a real-time basis.


Excellent Coaching is provided for all preclinical and clinical subjects.


Problem-solving sessions with emphasis on developing clinical problem-solving skills.


Analytics, Special webinars and workshops on difficult topics, dedicated QBanks.


Simulate the real exam with a special collection of topic wise questions.

What makes MENDEL outstanding?

Learn from our excellent experts who are well versed in test content and strategies. We churn out great scores and great careers to exceed the potentials and surpass the professional targets.

Each and every student will get an ‘highly personalized coaching’ based on their individual learning abilities, strengths and weaknesses. All the topics and subjects are taught to students with a sharp focus on laying a solid foundation of the preclinical subjects, plus developing clinical problem-solving skills, which ensures that when the students begin their medical practice, they are efficient, confident doctors with a very sound knowledge and understanding of the clinical challenges that they can handle with ease.

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Free counselling prior to admission, Counselling and guidance, personal assistance in application processes, securing clerkships, externships and observer ships (for USMLE students) respectively is an added advantage to build the confidence in targeting students to focus on the exams.



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