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About Mendel Academy

How To Prepare For INI-CET Exam

Mendel EdTech Pvt Ltd (Mendel Academy) is a family-owned startup offering a digital education platform for medical school graduates. Founded in 2015, Mendel Academy offers an adaptive live-online course for students to prepare for highly specialized licensure exams.

Here at Mendel Academy we have been providing personalized coaching to over 1000 medical students for licensure exams with special focus on the USMLEs; resulting in over 90% students matching into top residency programs. In the wake of the pandemic, Mendel Academy has adapted to the changing times and incorporated modern EdTech tools to provide an online coaching paradigm which is now easily accessible for medical students all around the world.

At Mendel Academy, we have developed a proprietary question bank of over 10,000 USMLE-style MCQs while incorporating relevant emerging trends in medicine for content preparation and clinical problem solving; effectively increasing student scores by 15-20% in the licensure exams. We especially take pride in our in-house curated ‘Mendel SketchNotes’ to simplify concepts with high quality elegant illustrations and easy annotations for students. Mendel Academy has established its brand presence in over 10 countries including India, USA, Russia, China, and the Caribbean islands.


Our Vision

Our vision at Mendel Academy is to provide an accessible digital coaching platform and community for Medical Students around the world, where they can unlock their true potential, without having a barrier of cost or location.