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The Super-HIT syllabus has been created after interviewing hundreds of students who have already matched for various residency programs in the USA, where we could detect specific patterns of the types of questions asked, identify the most frequently tested topics, understand how the question-writers make these questions and recognize how these champion students could navigate even the most difficult and complex questions by using the superior test-taking strategies of Mendel Academy.

We have combined this excellent feedback given by our students, with the hi-yield topics from the best learning resources and designed our own new high-intensity learning paradigm, loaded with > 7000 insanely high-yield topics, so that aspiring students can focus only on the most relevant concepts and not worry about wasting precious time on low-yield material.

The course also delivers > 10,000 clinically oriented USMLE-style MCQs including > 2000 image-based MCQs, enhanced active learning technics integrated across various subjects, that are guaranteed to facilitate students gain mastery over all the subjects, simplify the process of test-taking and amplify their success beyond expectations.

We have observed that on USMLE exam day, all students are equally well prepared with the content. However, there are good test-takers vs. bad test-takers. In our Super-HIT module, we ensure that every student becomes an excellent test-taker by following a systematic and time-tested strategy in order to get top scores in their USMLE exams. 

We focus on three vital aspects of test-taking:

  1. Mastering the content by using the art of simplifying the most complex topics with the help of illustrations, examples and easy explanations.
  2. Making the content “sticky” by using gaming and fun technics in order to help the students recall everything they have learned.
  3. Practice makes perfect! Our entire teaching module revolves around solving maximum clinically-relevant USMLE-style MCQs, so that students learn to navigate even the most difficult questions with utmost ease. 

At the end of each subject we have designed excellent quality self-assessment tests (with performance analysis) to reinforce whether the students have really achieved mastery over the subjects and have become good test-takers!

You can enroll in two different ways:

  1. You can choose individual subjects that you think you are weak in, OR
  2. You can sign up for the entire bundle of subjects. We would recommend that you sign up for the entire bundle and save money.

Yes, you can get great discounts if:

You sign up for the entire bundle instead of individual subjects

An Early-Bird discount is available for the SuperHIT Bundle if you enroll through May 15, 2022. Attend a Webinar or contact to retrieve promo code.

Yes. If an institute or medical college decides to purchase our “Super-HIT” module for more than 50 students at a time, we can negotiate the best possible bulk discount depending on the total number of purchases by the institute.

You can make a payment by way of direct bank transfer by NEFT/RTGS or by using our secure payment gateway with Razorpay.

The Super-HIT module will be an online LIVE class with specific timings and dates (download timetable here). You will receive an email with a login password that will give you access for 360 days after you start using the password.

You will be emailed the detailed timetable after you purchase the SuperHIT module, or you can download it here (SuperHIT timetable)

You will have 360 days’ access to the study materials and video recordings of the lectures from the day the classes begin.

You are eligible for a full refund only if you decide to opt out 48 hours after signing up for the class. You will not get a refund once the classes begin.