NEXT  (National Exit Test)  PG Exam

NEXT or the National Exit Test is a common exit exam to promote meritorious medical students to practice medicine in the respective fields or to further pursue higher education.


The main objective of NEXT is to combine both the MBBS licentiate exam and MBBS exit exam which is highly helpful for the MBBS graduates in obtaining a license to practice medicine.  It replaces NEET – PG exams in further days as well by making it easy for the students to develop their skills. 


NEXT Objectives

NEXT Part 1  * It is an Online MCQ Exam *The exam will take place after the final year. *It cannot be taken after the internship period. NEXT Part 2 * It is a Practical Exam *It can be taken after the internship period mostly in April.


NEXT Exam Pattern

An aspirant will not be eligible to pursue an internship if he/she doesn’t clear or pass NEXT 1. In case, if he/she fails to qualify any of the two parts of NEXT MBBS Exam, he/she will not be eligible to practice medicine in India.


Important Points to note:

NEXT -1 Number of questions: 540 Total hours of exam: 14.5 hours (i.e) Pre-lunch – 3 hours and Post Lunch 1.5 hours The total duration of exam – 3 days Content: Problem-solving:60% Comprehension and Analysis:30% Recall:10%


NEXT syllabus

* It Increases the number of skilled and qualified MBBS graduates in regulating the quality of the MBBS aspirants. * It is a common entrance test that brings uniformity across India. * It improves the conditions of the remote settings to enhance the health care facilities for Indian citizens


Advantages of NEXT PG exam

* In NEXT 1,10 % of questions are based on basic sciences and 10% will be focussed on Preventive & Public Health *NEXT 2 will be a practical exam conducted in a reputed college/university. Here aspirants should have knowledge of basic practical skills. *The scores grabbed in NEXT 1 will be valid for a period of 2-3 years only.


Guidelines to follow: