How to become an expert test-taker

How to become an expert test taker

Why should students attend this webinar?

Statistics show that on the day of the exam, almost all students are equally well-prepared with the content. However, some students are bad test-takers while as others have mastered the art of test-taking.

Good test-takers inevitably score excellent marks while as those who focus only on the content, but not on mastering the test-taking strategies are often frustrated and left wondering why they could not get maximum scores despite all their hard work.

Being a good test-taker is not genetic. It is a strategically acquired mastery that can be developed by every student by practicing some important technics and skills.

In this free webinar, we will reveal all the failproof technics developed by Mendel academy and also share the secret technics and skills used by exam-toppers, that you too can utilize in your exams to maximize your scores and fulfill your dream of getting into the Residency program of your choice!

And that’s not all…you can also get a great discount if you decide to enroll for our upcoming Super-High intensity training’ program starting May 30, 2022. You will get a promo code at the end of the webinar/by email if you attend the full webinar!

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