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Are research publications important for IMG students taking the USMLE exams?

Matching for a good residency program in the USA after the USMLE does not depend only on getting good exam scores.

In order to have a competitive edge, students need to create a dazzlingly impressive CV that encompasses a maximum number of research publications in Pubmed indexed journals, USCE (US clinical experience/clerkships/clinical rotations), a compelling personal statement, NGO experience, etc.

International medical graduates (IMGs) and Caribbean students usually do not have the training, opportunity, tools or the mentorship to conduct good quality research, let alone present them in conferences or publish them in a peer-reviewed, indexed journal on Pubmed.

In this upcoming webinar for IMGs, we will provide you the precise roadmap for conducting excellent research work during MBBS and ways to get published in Pubmed-indexed journals that can add tremendous value to your CV and improve your chances of success in matching for a great residency program in the USA.

In addition, we will also be announcing the launch of a new research training program for interested USMLE students. After completing the research project with us, we will facilitate the process of providing you authorship opportunities for publications in Pubmed indexed journals so that you will have a distinct advantage over your fellow students and a strong CV to support your USMLE application.

As always, we will continue to be the most trusted partners and facilitators in your amazing success story!

Date: July 30th, 2022 (Saturday) 
Time: 6:00pm to 7pm

Registration Open

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