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How to know what is high yield vs low yield content

Why should students attend this webinar?

Postgraduate exams are very high-stakes exams with immense peer pressure, and students have to succeed in this competitive environment in order to get into a good residency program of their choice.

More importantly, the individual subjects are so vast and complex that almost every student struggles to differentiate the highest yield content (most important and most frequently tested in the exams) from the low yield (not so important and less tested in the exams).

Obviously, it is important for every student to master the high yield content and spend less time on the low yield content in order to maximize the exam scores.

In this unique webinar, we will teach you exactly how you can differentiate the high yield vs. the low yield content so that you feel more confident and well prepared on the day of the exam.

We are confident that every student will benefit immensely by attending this webinar.

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Meeting details:

Meeting ID: 981 683 3291
Passcode: 0CMBtF

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