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PG Medical Coaching Centers

PG Medical Coaching Centers
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The prestigious career in India is the medical profession. To get placed in the esteemed medical college and universities it is essential to join a standard PG Medical coaching centers.

Here are the following PG Medical Coaching Centers

  • Mendel Academy – Online
  • Speed Institute – South India
  • DAMS – Delhi
  • ALLEN Career Institute – Kolkata
  • Aakash Institute – Pune
  • MARROW – Bangalore
  • MOKSH – Hyderabad
PG Medical Coaching Centers

Mendel Academy – Chennai

Mendel Academy is a dominant LIVE coaching institute based in India. It truly focusses on a tactful approach to acquire the aspirants’ supreme results. They ensure students’ rigorous learning by organising multiple tests, aiding the multi-disciplinary techniques to foster on clinical reasoning and clinical problem solving which are contemplated as the key necessities to boost the scores in PG medical exams.

Additionally, Mendel is easily accessible to research projects and publications to help the aspirants build a powerful CV. It also expedites access to externships, writing personal statements and residency applications with its strategic chains in the USA.

Speed Institute – Hyderabad

The Speed Institute is a predominant institute which has an extraordinary perseverance with a planned course structure to fulfill the dreams of the medical aspirants in helping them succeed in all the PG medical exams. The faculties are a pinnacle of success in motivating and guiding the students with utmost dedication.

The courses are designed to train the students by strengthening the basic concepts, and practicing the advanced concepts by conducting frequent mock test series to boost their confidence. The experts are well experienced as they design the courses in a personalized manner to assist students to help them achieve the desired results besides maintaining 100% successful track records.

DAMS – Delhi

The Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences Pvt.Ltd. is accredited for its flawless precision and expertise to provide the best coaching to the PG medical candidates. They are distinct as a benchmark institution to help students crack the toughest PG medical competitive examination by aiding them with unique study materials.

The tutors, and students strive together to attain a common goal to obtain the desired results. Their primary focus is to provide precise knowledge and enhance the fundamental concepts with an immense teaching. DAMS also conducts special sessions on mental training to create a “killer instinct” for the highest success rate.

ALLEN Career Institute – Kolkata

ALLEN Career Institute is a premier coaching center which is well regarded for assisting the candidates in preparing for the high-quality PG medical entrance examinations. Year after year it produces the best results attracting most of the candidates to take the PG Medical coaching centers from this institute. It is an excellent platform in supporting the candidates in academics along with the personal aspects.

The academic materials are interwoven by highly qualified faculties who commit themself for a student’s complete success and provides an impact for a value-based career education which provides a lifelong connection in achieving splendid results with a hike in success ratio.

Aakash Institute – Pune

Aakash Institute is a digital learning platform in preparing the students for the PG medical examinations. They offer a new- age learning experience apart from the classroom learning. Daily lives sessions are conducted with experienced staff who personally interact with the students in explaining the concepts in a detailed manner and clarifying the doubts simultaneously.

Important topics which are vital to boost the scores are discussed and regular assessments are made on the same. The sessions are recorded which can be further referred by the students for a better understanding and attending the practice tests can enable them to crack the enviable results.

MARROW – Bangalore

MARROW is an online PG Medical coaching centers with a golden standard to create a golden opportunity to change the life of the students opting for the PG medical examinations. They include pre- recorded videos along with the live sessions for the betterment of the candidates.

The important concepts are covered by experienced teachers to help them solve the questions with ease. The contents are prepared by referring to the latest editions where there is a high probability of the students to crack the exams with marvelous results. The customized approach encourages the students to learn more to attain the best score.


MOKSH Academy is a specialized institute to provide medical exam counseling, especially in providing coaching to the USMLE students by adopting unique and customized programs. The programs are highly designed by a team of expert counselors who help the students to focus on developing niche skills that can help them to obtain global employment and to succeed in their careers. 

The classes are conducted online which allows the students to make use of their time and effort in practicing with the standard materials offered by the institute. The counselors can be approached by the students as they are easily accessible from anywhere across India.

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