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How to Apply for PLAB in India

How to Apply for PLAB in India
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So many of the medical aspirants have started to consider making a career in the UK by taking the PLAB test, but it’s hard to do so without knowing how to apply for PLAB in India. We will guide you through every step on how to take your PLAB journey ahead.

How to Apply for PLAB in India

Get a Primary Medical Qualification (PMQ)

The first and foremost thing a medical aspirant has to make clear is that without taking the PMQ (Primary Medical Qualification, e.g., MBBS), one cannot appear for the PLAB exams. It is not necessary for a candidate to have the main diploma/ certificate to appear for PLAB, but it is required before applying for a valid and full GMC (General Medical Council) registration after completion of the internship or house job.

How to Apply for PLAB in India

Complete an acceptable pattern of internship

An acceptable pattern of internship is necessary for a medical aspirant for full GMC registration which has to be undertaken immediately prior to the final year of study or following the graduation at least with a duration of minimum of 12 months after knowing how to apply for PLAB in India. 

It can also include an internship at least 3 months in surgery and 3 months in medicine, and lasted between 12 -18 months or at least 6 months in surgery and 6 months in medicine, and lasted for 18 months or exceeding that by which the internship has a very high chance of getting approved by the GMC(UK).

Obtain good score in English language proficiency

Before taking the PLAB 1 exam, it is required for a medical aspirant to obtain a good band score in either IELTS or OET. Ensure to get good scores because the score obtained in the English language proficiency test is valid only for two years.

Take PLAB 1

Every candidate should take PLAB 1 after knowing how to apply for PLAB in India using a GMC online account. Generally, PLAB 1 takes place twice in March and November. So, it is a must to book for the PLAB 1 test by adopting all the preparation strategies to score well in the examination.

Complete EPIC Verification of the credentials

EPIC (Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials) is an electronic portal which sends the verification to a registered organisation like the GMC and ensures that all the papers a candidate has submitted regarding the PMQ is legitimate. 

It is very important to ensure that a medical aspirant follows the guidelines by creating an EPIC account besides ensuring that the PMQ is verified before beginning the entire process on how to apply for PLAB in India.

Take PLAB 2 and apply for UK Visitor Visa

A candidate can take PLAB 1 by preparing on their own, but for PLAB 2 it is must to attend different courses/ academies because it can be a crucial task to score well and complete the GMC registration in the same visa period (6 months).

Visit UK for taking PLAB 2

The medical aspirant will be assigned with a standard visitor visa which lasts for 6 months, during which so much has to be completed including the PLAB 2 exam, application for the GMC registration, applying for job and attending interviews in person or online.

Apply for GMC registration

If a candidate is in UK when the PLAB 2 results are out with all the evidences at hand for GMC registration , one should apply for GMC registration and the payment can be done using a credit card. An aspirant can technically bypass most of the above steps based on the GMC registration as per the GMC accepted PG qualification. but IELTS/OET and EPIC still apply.

Look out for jobs in the NHS

After knowing how to apply for PLAB in India and obtaining a full GMC registration with a license to practice, a candidate can officially be appointed as a doctor anywhere in the UK.  It is always advisable to start at a non-training job like trust grade post or LAS to get into system rather than jumping into training application without any NHS (National Health Services) experience.

Apply for Tier 2 (work) Visa

When a medical aspirant has aced the interviews and landed into a job, the last thing to do is to apply for a Skilled Worker Visa or Health and Care Worker Visa which is  a much easier process compared to the standard visitor visa where a candidate has to enter the Sponsor license number and Certificate of Sponsorship number while filling out the application form.

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