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PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board) test

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PLAB is a shortened form of the Professional Linguistic Assessment Board. There are different levels of PLAB exam and procedure that is conducted to obtain full registration of the General Medical Council to obtain a license to practice medicine or to apply to the post-graduate training positions in the United Kingdom (UK).

Levels of PLAB Exam and Procedure

Before a candidate plans to appear for the PLAB test, he/she should be aware of the levels of PLAB exam and procedure to get an overall idea to plan the PLAB journey. 


It is a written test where the candidates are assessed on their clinical knowledge, especially in subjects of Medicine, Gynaecology/Obstetrics, Surgery, Paediatrics, Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, and Basic Sciences.


It is a practical objective structured clinical exam OSCE based exam where clinical, and communication skills are assessed to pass the test.

Procedure of PLAB Test

PLAB 1 Test

The PLAB 1 Test is held twice a year where an aspirant has to register for the test 5 weeks prior to the test date. 

  • Duration :3 hours
  • No. of Questions: 200 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Question Type: MCQ
  • You need to answer the right one from five possible answers.
  • Test Centre: The levels of PLAB exam and procedure can be taken in countries like Australia, Canada, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Sri Lanka.

PLAB 2 Test

The PLAB 2 Test is held throughout the year (i.e) within 2 years of passing part 1 where you will be allowed to take the test with a maximum of 4 attempts. 

  • Duration :3 hours
  • No. of Scenarios: 18
  • Tests held: Throughout the year within 2 years of passing part 1 and you are allowed a maximum of 4 attempts.
  • Test Centre: The levels of PLAB exam and procedure can be taken in cities like Manchester, Cambridge, London and United Kingdom.
  • Syllabus: Based on communication, history taking, practical skills, clinical examination, and emergency management

What does the PLAB 1 Test cover?

The skills, levels of PLAB exam and procedure are based on diagnosis, investigations, management, and others like an explanation of disease process, practice of evidence-based medicine,understanding epidemiology and health promotion, scientific understanding of medicine and awareness of multicultural society along with legal/ethical principles.

A response form will be provided to the candidate on the test date where they have to fill in the designated circles choosing the best answer from five possible answers.

What does the PLAB 2 Test cover?

The scenarios of the levels of PLAB exam and procedure will be based on four skill areas that include, the clinical examination, practical skills, communication skills, and history taking. 

These skills help you to assess and manage the long-term and acute conditions, peri-operative and treating emergencies of the patients including the palliative and terminal care. The application is valid for two years from passing part 2 of the PLAB test.

How to crack the PLAB scores?

It is advisable to keep the below-mentioned points in the reminder to grab good scores in the PLAB examination.

1. Keep revising the PLAB test by taking online courses that comprise many (SBA) and (EMQ) questions
2. Revise the basic concepts and principles with a clear understanding
3. Update yourself with the acquired materials on a timely basis
4. Practice many mock tests with a time management
5. Be cautious while reading the questions, especially with the phrases, ‘never’ and ‘always’
6. Check and answer the questions that mention ‘except’ before answering the same
7. Do not waste time on complicated questions and avoid spending too much time for a single question.
8. Consider that your judgement on the answer is extremely correct if you are so confident.

For existing students, here are 9 tips for PLAB preparation.

Accessories required for the PLAB Examination

The candidates are asked to carry the following documents and stationeries at the time of the test that includes,

  • Passport
  • Admit Card
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Pencil Sharpener

Result Announcement

Mostly, the results will be announced immediately after the test for both the levels.

  • The results of the Part 1 test are announced four weeks after the test.
  • The results of the Part 2 test are announced two weeks after the test.

Furthermore, the exact date of the results is announced on the test date. For further details, check out

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