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How to do USMLE preparation for Indian students

How To do USMLE
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The USMLE preparation for Indian students can be done from the 2nd year of MBBS in India . USMLE preparation has become more challengin from the past years to date. The duration of preparing for the USMLE exam may vary according to every individual’s capabilities and learning styles. The sooner you prepare for the USMLE exam the better will be your outcome in flying colors.

USMLE preparation for Indian students By following Steps


The firist step for USMLE preparation for Indian students is to taken at the end of second year most frequently. Step 1, is a one-day online examination emphasizing the subjects like anatomy, biochemistry, behavioural science, pathology, microbiology, physiology, and pharmacology.

How to do USMLE preparation for Indian students

Step 2 CK:        

Here the questions are in the type of MCQ’s which tests the medical knowledge and essential clinical sciences required for patient care. The time duration is 9 hours and subjects are presently randomly where you should know to shuffle between the topics.

Step 2 CS:        

This evaluates your communication skills with standardized patients. It includes information provision, enabling patient behaviours, making decisions, supporting emotions, gathering information, fostering the relationship, and more. 

Step 3:            

 It is a 2-days of computerized exams, which focusses primarily on assessing your ability to focus on evaluating history and physical exam information, patient management, ordering diagnostic tests, selecting initial therapies, and more.

USMLE preparation for Indian students crack good scores in the USMLE Exam

Designing a time frame

  • Prepare your timetable to strictly follow the schedule
  • Keep yourself cool and calm by pre-planning your study methods say three lessons to finish in a day, jot down the important definitions for revision, etc.
  • Also ensure to book your seats and sketch your study planner by marking dates on the calendar to prepare well in advance to crack the exam.

Understanding the grading system

  • In USMLE preparation for Indian students. They must pass all the three subcomponents and scoring is categorized as pass and fail.
  • Be prepared for the SEP assessment to improve your speaking skills because of the words you use, the pronunciation, and your ability to clarify the doubts by standardized patients are considered for evaluation.
  • Focus on the ICE portion where your ability to solve the data interpretation with correct medical terminology, detailed documentation, supporting diagnosis with significant findings and listing them matters to mark your scores on the checklist.
  • CIS section is tough for Indian students to crack. As a medical aspirant, you ought to create the trust factor, convey empathy and handle sensitive situations in a manner, as per the expectation of the examiners by taking an USMLE preparation course and studying the healthcare system in a detailed manner.

Making wise choice of resources

  • You needn’t waste your time in referring all the available books for preparing the exam or surfing the internet.
  • Instead, you can opt for the latest editions: First aid for the USMLE Step 2 CS, 5th edition and Clinical skills (CS) content description, and general information.
  • Keep practising with the sample test papers, and practice test items from the USMLE websites and update yourself to handle the test software before you appear for the exam.

Increasing flexibility using the mixed mode

  • Do not prefer the tutor mode by using the question bank for USMLE preparation. 
  • Instead, try to switch from topic to improve your thinking ability and try to integrate information across subjects. 
  • Train yourself by adopting the mixed mode to boost your scores in an easy or flexible way.

Choosing the most difficult topic

  • Start with the concepts that you are unfamiliar with because you will get at least one question in an area that bogs you down, or you don’t know. 
  • Begin your study by focussing on the toughest tasks or portions first because it will keep you from freaking out during these situations. 

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