Top 6 Best USMLE coaching centres in India

Best USMLE coaching centres in India

USMLE coaching centres

The USMLE, United States Medical Licensing is a medical examination to obtain a license in the US. It is a three-step process sponsored by the NBME, the National Board of Medical Examiners and FSMB, Federation of State Medical Boards. To obtain a certification an aspirant has to take Step 1, 2CK and CS which can further help them apply for a residency in the US. Top 6 Best USMLE coaching centres in India.

How to choose the best USMLE coaching centres in India?

In recent times, many USMLE coaching centres have evolved with live, or online classes based on the candidates’ convenience. It is advisable to choose the best coaching institute based on the teaching standards and successful outcomes.

Top 6 Best USMLE coaching centres in India

Some of the top 6 best USMLE coaching institutes in India are listed below:

1. Mendel Academy

Top 6 Best USMLE coaching centres in India - Mendel Academy

Mendel Academy is one of the best USMLE coaching centres in India. It has been mentoring millions of USMLE aspirants for several years with the sole purpose of helping them chase their dreams and achieve their goal in giving the best outcome. The mentors are well-equipped with thorough knowledge in clarifying the queries of the aspirants using standard materials to make the foundation very strong and give clear explanation on all vast and significant concepts.

The performance of the aspirants is analysed by conducting mock tests to help them identify their areas of the improvement and they are trained to have enough confidence to appear for the USMLE exam accordingly. They have achieved marvellous results from the past years with a lot of success stories.

2.  GATEIIT, Bangalore 

GATEIIT Medical Academy is an overseas medical entrance exam training institute which strives to improve the standards in medical training by coordinating with various private medical organisations. Its core strength is running medical entrance courses and providing personalised training with a team of qualified doctors for various national and international entry and exit exams.

This institute provides a well dedicated classroom and online coaching for the USMLE exams to ensure personal attention is given to each and every aspirant of the institute. As they are the oldest in the field, they have achieved tremendous success as the majority of toppers of USMLE are mostly from this institute.

3.  LogIQuest, Hyderabad

LogIQuest is engaged in providing world-class training with preparatory solutions for the USMLE exams. They have few branches across India with an exclusive coaching as the materials are fully comprehensive with more than ninety standardized tests for the participants to practice rigorously. The staff are very professional in providing private tutoring and consulting services as they have immersive skills to prepare participants for the USMLE exams.

The materials are prepared with quality content as they are developed by the medical experts. The centre also helps the participants to practice tests which are similar to the actual exams, and keep them ahead of competition.

4. Edupristine, Pune

Edupristine has engaged with the prestigious Becker’s institute for preparing elegant materials for the candidates by giving a vital importance keeping the candidates in mind. They have vast experience in USMLE exams and keep updating the materials in exam’s point of view.

They conduct 24*7 discussion forums, customized career guidance with trained and qualified professionals who help the candidates in doubt clarifications, and conduct mock tests to guide the students to crack the exams and excel in flying colours. Also, they have their centres in places like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc.

Top 6 Best USMLE coaching centres in India - Mendel Academy 1

5. DBMCI, Chennai

Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute is specialised in training the USMLE candidates as they are equipped with leading educationists, and unique teaching methods to understand the recent trends of the examination. The materials designed by them are well challenging with deep understanding which boosts the candidates to work harder and clear the USMLE exams with ease.

The best infrastructure and advanced study materials help the students to outshine their competitors. They have vast experience in training the students using the modern methodology to take up the challenges in the USMLE examinations.

6. DAMS, Delhi

The Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences has an impeccable foresight as they provide the best coaching for students with excellent educators and specialized materials. They not only provide vast knowledge to the students, but also strengthen the foundation of the students to help them explore in cracking the USMLE exams by conducting special sessions on mental training to develop the killer instinct to achieve the highest success rates. The materials by the institute brainstorms the students’ learning as they have extensive subject wise teaching by the medical professionals, and authors of popular books.

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