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How to Apply for PLAB in India

How to Apply for PLAB in India

So many of the medical aspirants have started to consider making a career in the UK by taking the PLAB test, but it’s hard to do so without knowing how to apply for PLAB in India. We will guide you through every step on how to take your PLAB journey ahead. How to Apply for […]

How to Crack PLAB Exam

How to crack PLAB exam

An aspirant who is ideally preparing for the PLAB exam must adopt certain strategies on how to crack PLAB exam with the target of preparing thoroughly and making the revision for the same. After taking repeated mock tests, you will be enabled to judge how to perform well in the test. Things to note on […]

PLAB Coaching in India

PLAB Coaching in India

In India, we have excellent coaching classes to get well-prepared for the PLAB test. Personalized attention and individual monitoring system to check the performance of the aspirants to qualify the examination is focussed for PLAB coaching in India. This is a golden opportunity for the aspirants and the Medical Doctors to get into their medical […]

PLAB preparation in India

PLAB Preparation in india

Here are some tips fro PLAB preparation in India. Depending upon your own planning and pace, you have to prepare for the PLAB in India but we at Mendel Academy will ask the students to remember these points during the PLAB exam preparation. Take 45 days of the total duration to prepare with the below-mentioned: […]

PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board) test


PLAB is a shortened form of the Professional Linguistic Assessment Board. There are different levels of PLAB exam and procedure that is conducted to obtain full registration of the General Medical Council to obtain a license to practice medicine or to apply to the post-graduate training positions in the United Kingdom (UK). Levels of PLAB […]