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PLAB Coaching in India

PLAB Coaching in India
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In India, we have excellent coaching classes to get well-prepared for the PLAB test. Personalized attention and individual monitoring system to check the performance of the aspirants to qualify the examination is focussed for PLAB coaching in India.

This is a golden opportunity for the aspirants and the Medical Doctors to get into their medical profession where the crisis of Doctors in UK can be fulfilled by this PLAB test.

PLAB Coaching in India

Generally, PLAB Coaching in India has a vision to give 100% success by providing excellent coaching classes with accurate methodologies and clinical skills to come out in flying colours. Some aspirants go for the coaching classes for clearing the test in the first attempt itself.

There are two types of PLAB coaching in India, which include the online and offline coaching. It has 180 MCQ’s where an aspirant has to answer it within 3 hours of the total time duration. Each query for PLAB 1 starts with a short scenario where the candidate has to choose the right answer from the list of options given.

For PLAB 2, there will be around 18 scenarios which is an objective structured clinical exam lasting for eight minutes that is aimed to reflect the real-life settings besides a mock consultation and an acute ward. The aspirants can either opt for full course or crash course depending on their choice. 

Why go for PLAB Coaching in India?

Easy test

Compared to PLAB in other countries, licensing exams are not so easy. The questions asked are at a very low difficulty level, and the passing rates are also too good. Most of the students who have taken PLAB coaching in India, have cleared the exams by having met the eligibility criteria to work in the UK.


Unlike other exams, PLAB does not ask you to quit your job to study for PLAB because that can help the aspirant for PLAB 2 visa application and shows stronger ties with the home country and also marks a better financial stability.

Less prep time

PLAB 1 takes 8 to 12 weeks of preparation whereas PLAB 2 takes 6 to 8 weeks of preparation. When an aspirant gets to compare the other countries’ exams this is nothing at all.

PLAB coaching in India aids an aspirant in the preparation at an early stage, so they can go through all the exams as rigorous coaching is provided to all.

Less passing scores

A candidate requires only around 60-65% for clearing the PLAB 1 test and 45-55% for clearing the PLAB 2 test. It is easy to secure with an affordable exam fee for registration.

Take multiple shots

If an aspirant cleared the exam, scores don’t matter which means someone who has secured 180 out of 190 and someone with 125 out of 180 are equally eligible and fall under the same cadre to apply for the same job. Moreover, a candidate can take multiple shots if he/she has failed to clear in their first attempt.

Training Job

Depending on the specialty an aspirant opts for, there will be openings for training jobs as well. Sometimes, finding a training job after passing the PLAB 2 exam immediately can be challenging but most people find non-surgical training jobs within a year or two after passing the PLAB 2.

Visa Policy

If you play your cards right by getting the best PLAB coaching in India obtaining a visa would be easy, which is indeed a friendly process and you have a guaranteed job as well.

To sum up, if you want to work or live abroad, PLAB might be a good option.

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