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How to Crack USMLE from India

How to crack USMLE from India
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If an aspirant wishes to practice medicine in the USA, United States Medical Licensing Examination or the USMLE can be the perfect getaway for making your dream come true. This three-step exam can make you think about how to crack USMLE from India by first getting your PG or residency in the United States, then followed by a license to practice medicine.

The three main steps of USMLE

These three steps of USMLE exam must be known by each and every candidate only then they can develop a strategy on how to crack USMLE from India.

The first step of the USMLE exam tests the basic knowledge of medical sciences. Most of the topics which are covered in the first step require a detailed understanding of all the subjects taught during the 1st and 2nd years of MBBS in India. 

The second step of the USMLE exam has a similar structure to the first step, the subject-wise topics mainly includes clinical sciences and patient care. This second step of the USMLE is known as CK (clinical knowledge).

Most of the content for the CK tests are from the topics which are covered in the 3rd and 4th years of MBBS in India. 

The third and final step in the USMLE exam assesses the skills of the candidate to see if they’re mature enough to do the practice without any supervision.

While the first and the second step of the USMLE exam can be taken in India, the third step has to be taken in the USA. 

How to Crack USMLE from India

The top USMLE coaching institutes in India suggest an ideal preparation time for the first step of the exam during the 6-12 months and 4-7 months for the second step. 

Although the time for preparation may vary as per individuals depending on the candidate’s English fluency, foundation knowledge and score goals , international medical graduates are recommended ideally to follow these timelines if they are pre-planning on how to crack USMLE from India. 

It is important to ensure that the aspirant has a firm understanding of the subjects along with the ability to integrate concepts across various medical disciplines. This can be easier on how to crack USMLE from India by applying the concepts to crucial vignette questions.

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Tips to ace the USMLE Exam

Make an effective schedule

A candidate should always be prepared for the unexpected things that may be coming up after making up the mind on how to crack USMLE from India. It is always important that starting the preparation early can help in dealing with things much better where they can feel less stressed and follow the schedule strictly to finish all the topics on time.

Understand the scoring system

Step 2 of the USMLE will grade the candidates on the basis of pass or fail results in order to get a successful result, where the Indian students are required to pass all the three subcomponents. 

It is based on the choice of words, pronunciations, and abilities of the candidates to address doubts and concerns of patients, the SEP assessment also matters to evaluate the candidate’s spoken English during mock medical encounters.

The crucial task is that the candidates have to use correct medical terminology, support their diagnoses with crucial findings and maintain detailed documentation.

Even though most Indian students have good clinical skills with good communication in English, the CIS section is still tough to crack where they have to take up USMLE coaching to have a better understanding of the US healthcare system.

Use the mixed-mode

A candidate can shuffle from one topic to another in mixed mode to get more flexibility and to integrate information across various subjects. As a medical aspirant, a to start the preparation early.

To sum up, a medical aspirant has to know how to crack USMLE from India as it is one amongst the most competitive set of assessments to practice medicine in the US must pass. Considering preparing for the USMLE test with an authorized USMLE coaching center like Mendel Academy can guide you through covering the entire course, study plan and schedule with absolute clarity about the vast curriculum and study program. 

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