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Tips to Crack NEET PG

tips to neet pg
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A candidate who appears for the NEET PG examination can grab an opportunity to gain admission in a premium medical college in the country in a specialty of their choice. It is vital to know the tips to crack NEET PG for a medical aspirant to start preparations ahead so they can clear this prestigious exam..

7 Tips to Crack NEET PG

Make a realistic plan 

The first and foremost tip to crack NEET PG is to stay calm and focused. Do not panic as this will not help at this point.

It is wise to focus on the efforts by creating a realistic plan and sticking to it. 

Prioritize the chapters in each subject based on the frequency and weightage of the questions by comparing with the previous test papers.

It is best to divide the subjects into four sets and start preparations accordingly but remember to take a combined test for one set at a time. 

  • Subjects in Set 1 – Physiology, Pathology, Medicine, Pediatric
  • Subjects in Set 2 – Anatomy, Ophthalmology, ENT, Surgery
  • Subjects in Set 3 – Biochemistry, Microbiology, Forensic Medicine, PSM, Pharmacology
  • Subjects in Set 4 – OBG (Obstetrics and gynaecology) with all short subjects that include Anaesthesia, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Radiology, Orthopaedics
Tips to Crack NEET PG

Take two grand tests every week

A medical aspirant has to take two grand tests every week by combining two sets in order to cover 8-9 subjects at a time. 

Take two weekly tests from any coaching class or online platform whichever is convenient to identify the areas of weakness for improvement, overcome anxiety, and to build confidence. Focus more on clinical questions but at the same time do not ignore the single-liners. 

Fix a daily target

Having a daily target is among the vital tips to crack NEET PG. A candidate should be aware of the time duration and negative marking of the NEET PG exam because to grab the maximum marks it is necessary to combine speed and accuracy. 

At the standard medical coaching institute like the Mendel Academy, the medical aspirants are aided with an extensive question bank to improve their speed and recall the information.

Make own standard notes 

The most important tips to crack NEET PG is to make standard notes as it can be a weapon in preparation for the exam while studying an important topic. 

Revise the notes to speed up the learning process. This can be the best way to prepare for an exam which has a huge syllabus. It is more than enough to prepare from the best book on every topic. 

Keep revising 

There are no shortcuts for a medical aspirant to succeed in the NEET PG exam. It is a must for a candidate to revise every topic as many times as possible to have clarity on the concepts and to retain facts. Create a study schedule with short breaks say every 25 minutes and keep revising the syllabus. 

Use an audio-visual medium to retain information better. Try to revise one module per day because a candidate will need a minimum of four rounds of revision to have a thorough understanding of all the concepts.

Focus on images

One of the most vital  tips to crack NEET PG is to focus on the images. A candidate has to focus more on images because the question paper has more than 40% of image related questions. 

Try to recall them. Keep a calm mind and devote a fixed time to images every day. 

Mendel Academy can help a candidate in this regard.

Use the time wisely

Preparing a clear timetable is also one of the essential tips to crack NEET PG. Do not spend more time and waste energy on weaker sections because the time available is less besides negative marking. Concentrate on areas of strength and sharpen those concepts further.

Use the time wisely to consolidate the known or revised topics rather than picking up new topics to minimize errors and loss of marks.

Above all, a medical aspirant has to appear for the NEET PG exam with confidence. Adopting strategies in making a detailed plan, keep practicing test papers religiously to overcome the areas of weakness to achieve the dreamt. All the best.

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